Bringing photography to life

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30th January Software Options and Secondhand Goods Sale.

Five stations were set up where members were introduced to a range of different software options presented by Dave (ON1 Presets), Tracy (Photoshop), Andy (Affinity), Richard (Lightroom), and Steve (Nik Silver Effect). Then Craig did a Q&A on Photoshop techniques, and showed most of us how little we knew!
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During the tea break, members had the option to purchase equipment that was no longer used by the owners.

16th January A talk by Grete Hjorth-Johansen on 'Re-imagining the Tress of Epping Forest'.

Inspiring talk given by Grete reminding us to train our brains to see the things that others do not see! And to see the potential of objects (in this case trees) to be transformed by photography. And the best advice she was given as a student was "Shoot your own experience and do everything wrong on purpose".
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9th January Review of 2023 and Preparation for 2024 - Christmas knockout fun competition.

Members submitted a couple of photos taken in December with a Christmas connection. Photos were displayed in twos and members voted for their favourite. This knockout continued in a lighthearted manner until just one remained! The winning image was 'It's been a tough year!' taken by Helen Gray, with Martin Barsley as runner-up.

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Club members gathered at the Blue Lion pub in Great Baddow for their Christmas dinner. In addition to enjoying delicious food in excellent company, we raised money from a raffle to boost the club's coffers! Our thanks to Camera World Chelmsford for their generous donation towards the raffle.
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