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The Baddow Camera Club has its origins as part of the Marconi operations in Chelmsford. It was originally known as the M.A.S.C. Camera Club as it was part of the Marconi Athletic and Social Club, with members being employed by Marconi. In July 1994, the camera club members decided to form an independent and self-governing society based in Great Baddow. After much discussion, the new camera club was called Baddow Camera Club rather than the Great Baddow Camera Club because the former name would appear first in any alphabetical list! Such things were important in 1994 as search options were still paper-based.

At the present time (November 2023), the Baddow Camera Club remains a thriving group, with most of its meetings held in the Reading Rooms in Bell Street, Great Baddow. The club committee decided to produce a new website, so winning photos from previous years will now be archived. To a newcomer, the Baddow Camera Club may appear to be young, but we have a long and illustrious history!